About Us

RedRocket is a CTF team from Bonn that was formed in 2017.

We compete in high ranked international hacking competitions and co-organize the CyberSecurityRumble and Cyber Security Challenge Germany.

Nowadays we are:

  • a group of hackers interested in information security
  • a competitive CTF team
  • a CTF organizer

Although we have become international, most members are still located in Bonn, Germany.

Since 2020 we’re a registered association under German law (e.V.).

Select CVEs

Selected vulnerabilities that RedRocket members have found:

Select Talks

Some talks that RedRocket members have given:

  • Kyber and Post-Quantum Crypto - How does it work? at rc3 Video
  • How To Learn (and Teach) Hacking at OWASP AppSec 2019 Video
  • Microsoft’s CurveBall Vulnerability CVE-2020-0601 Video (German)

Select CTF Competitions

Some CTFs we have succefully participated in.

  • Third Place together with FluxFingers in Hack-A-Sat Hacking Competition by U.S. Air Force
  • Third Place in HITB Abu Dhabi Pro CTF 2021
  • Google CTF 2021 and 2019 Finalist, 3rd Place in Google Hackceler8 Match
  • DEFCON CTF 2019 and 2022 Finalist (together with Sauercloud)
  • MidnightSun CTF Winners 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022

Select Press Coverage

Some press reports about us (mostly German):